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Baby Sleep Coaching

You will get the right tools, sleep plan and support to help your baby establish healthy sleep habits on a long term basis. Suitable for babies from 3 weeks until 24 months old.

Toddler Sleep Coaching

You will learn that even toddlers can be helped to sleep through the night and have a good mood all day long. Suitable for children between 2 and 4 years old.

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Helping you get some restorative sleep

Why is sleep so important?

Even if there is no 100% consensus why we actually need to sleep, most specialists agree upon the negative impact of sleep deprivation on our health.

Many studies evaluating the effects of sleep deficiency on health indicate that sleep affects our emotional well-being, cognitive function, daytime performance and physical health.

Useful Information

How much sleep do children need?

What are circadian rhythms?

What about the biological clock?

Newborn Sleep Guide

With this complex handbook you will have the opportunity to set the best sleep conditions and build healthy sleep habits for your newborn baby from the very beginning.

Baby Sleep Solution

Now your baby can learn how to fall asleep by himself and stay asleep for longer stretches.

Toddler Sleep Solution

Your toddler has the opportunity to be more sleep independent and become the sleep hero of the family.

Additonal Sleep Support

This can be helpful if you want to add a sibling, have twins, need an addtional week support or an extra phone-call to the other packages.

What Is Sleep Coaching?

Who is Sleep Coaching For?


Whereas sleep is the magic land of dreams and the brain oasis when we have the chance to heal our body, sleep coaching consists of a range of techniques parents supported by coaches, teach their babies and toddlers in order to learn how to fall asleep autonomously and stay asleep for longer stretches.

These techniques are science based and vary from a gentle approach to a more controlled comforting method and even a stricter technique. Every child is unique and the best sleep coaching method depends on various factors amongst parenting style, baby’s age and temperament.

But above all, sleep coaching embodies a holistic approach  where we look at everyday events and activies and we go even beyond the obvious and immediate cause of the sleep issue.

However, sleep coaching is not for everyone…


Will the sleep training involve crying?

Yes, sleep training could involve some crying, but if we look at crying as a way of communication for our baby and we try to listen to it instead of shutting it down, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Moreover, babies need to cry to release emotions, tensions, frustrations and nervous energy. Without this release, they keep it inside which could harm their nervous system.

How will we communicate during our collaboration?

We can successfully have a virtual communication, via email and messages, as well as via phone conversations if chosen. Parents can very well be the teacher of their babies, carefully guided by the sleep consultant.

Can I use music as white noise?

Yes, you could have music as white noise for your baby, but it has to be very boring sounds like monoton nature sounds (wind, rain etc.). However, white noise machines are more practical and quite affordable any time.

When can I move my baby into his own room?

The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as WHO recommend sleeping in the same room with the child, but not in the same bed, until the age of 12 months, for safety reasons.

When will my baby sleep through the night?

It depends on each baby but mostly when a child is well established on solid food, meaning 3 meals per day wiith protein and carbs, they could be ready to sleep through the night. This usually occurs around 10 month of age.

Do I really have to wake my baby up?

Yes, a flexible routine is very beneficial to a child and it encourages good eating and sleeping, thus following baby’s circadian rhythms. That sometimes meanswe need to wake our baby up in order to feed him or not let him nap too long during the day and steal from his overnight sleep.

How can I get rid of the dummy?

This depends very much on the child’s age and how much it interferes with his sleep. Whereas for a newborn the dummy has a calming soothing effect and it is recommended in SIDS prevention, after 8 months old, there are special techniques to help the baby find and replace his dummy so that he becomes more independent.

How can I make the difference between a mantra cry and a cry for help?

There is not a clear line between a mantra cry and a desperate cry for help. However, we could say that an intermittent cry with pauses longer than 15 sec. means that the baby is not suffering but rather struggles to fall asleep by himself.

Will sleep training have any damage on my baby's brain?

 No, sleep training is a short term method to support your baby fall asleep more autonomously and stay asleep for longer stretches. Many studies have proved that only long term cronic stress (like child abuse or maternal depression) is toxic for a child and could affect brain circuit and disrupt the normal development of a child.

Sleep is a gift we should embrace in order to have a healthy and harmonious development.

About Me

I was born and raised in a society where being a mother was the most noble and worth sacrificing mission on Earth. I love children and I have always liked to take care of them even before becoming a mom. I am a mother of two kids: a teenage boy and a toddler girl – my teachers and students at the same time – who help me grow and learn something valuable every day.
Nevertheless, it was only through motherhood when I realised that we don’t need to sacrifice ourselves and become just moms for the rest of our lives. We can enjoy even the early years of motherhood, have the right mood for taking care of our babies and share it with our partners, if we could only get a good night sleep.
That is why I embarked myself on the most rewarding ship of baby sleep coaching.

Happy Stories

“My baby Helena was having a lot of trouble sleeping her naps, it was a real mess! She was doing around 6 or 7 cat naps per day, only on top of me. Night sleep, I though, was fine, although my baby was absolutely depending on being fed or rocked to sleep. Until I met Carmen! With her help, we managed to bring some order to our lives and improved my little one’s sleep…

Constanza R.

Mom of Helena (4,5 months old)

“We looked for Carmen’s help when our 15 months old son started to wake up very early. He was, in general, a bad sleeper, waking up more times per night. We really wished that our son would finally sleep through the night in his cot. Taking into consideration the fact that our son has eczema and scratching was important to be avoided, Carmen came up with a more gentle and slow method, in order to fulfill our needs…

Raluca & Mihai

Parents of Gregor (15 months old)

“With our second child (then 9 months old), I have accepted that a long night sleep for us could start when he’s 1.5 years old. When I found out about Carmen, I eagerly sent her a message and received detailed information from her.
To avoid disappointment, I prepared myself to the possibility that sleep training might not work for us. Surprisingly, within 2 challenging weeks and after 9 months, we were getting 5 straight hours of night sleep, compared to an average of 2 hours!…


Mom of Eli (9 months old)

Happy Baby Schlaf Blog

Food for sleep for babies until 6 months

Food and sleep are very much related. They influence each other extremely. That means that what and when a baby or a child eats during the day influences his sleep at night and vice-versa.

Why is sleep important

We all know how dysfunctional we could be if we are not able to sleep on a long term basis, especially if we are past our 20s. Unfortunately, we are not aware of the importance of sleep in the early years of our life and the impact it has on our health later on.

Temperament in babies

The famous Nature vs. Nurture debate led to the conclusion that there is a proportion of 50% inherited genes in us and another 50% environment factors which shape our personality. In other words, we don’t know for sure which counts more.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself!

If you tought that having a baby means sacrificing your sleep, sanity and even health, I must tell you that it is far away from the truth.

If you have a baby who does not sleep very well, who wakes up several times during the night and naps poorly, and you want to do something about it, you’ve come to the right place.

By booking a free 30 minute qualifying call with a certified baby sleep consultant, you can find out how much we can do to improve your babies’ sleeping habits from the very beginning and if baby sleep coaching is the right thing for you.

Because a happy baby means a happy mom and a happy family!

Don’t wait any longer. Accept help and get the healthy restorative sleep you and your baby deserve!

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