Baby Sleep Solution (3-24 months)

Finally sleep for the whole family!
  • Multilingual Coaching (English, German & Romanian)
  • A customised sleep plan for your baby
  • 2 extensive phone calls
  • 2 weeks of daily support via email & messages or online docs
  • A follow-up sleep plan for the next trimester
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Why Baby Sleep Coaching

Your baby wakes up every 2 hours at night

You are terribly sleep deprived for months

Your baby takes only 20-30 minute catnaps

You have read ready some books & blogs about baby sleep coaching, tried a few techniques but the situation has not yet improved significantly

You need support from someone you trust and could help you get some sleep

Your baby cries a lot every day and you don't know anymore why

You fear that your baby does not get enough sleep

You cannot make it anymore without sleeping

You wish your baby slept through the night

You are fully aware how important sleep is for your baby and for the entire family

How it works

You set a free discovery call

to find out about the current sleep situation and see what we can do to improve your baby’s sleep.


You fill out a questionnaire

to have a broader picture of your baby’s sleep situation, with its habits, temperament and sleep challenges.

You receive a customised sleep plan

with important information about the settling techniques, the best sleep environment, naps and feeding rhythm and the age appropriate routine to improve your baby’s sleep.


You receive daily support for implementing the sleep plan

aprox. 2 weeks of support via email, messages and/or phone conversations, to monitor the implementation of the sleep plan based on a daily sleep log.

Happy Stories

“I was a non believer, and I was so wrong!

Carmen helped us in ways I didn’t even think were possible or an option for us.
The changes are visible almost straight away, the techniques are gentle and catering for the baby’s needs.
Our daughter was a cryer, middle of the night screaming and staying awake for hours, with no one getting sleep. We assume no one on our street sleept for months 😂!
But this changed as soon as we stepped into a better and suited routine for her and for us. Our toddler became herself again : resting, constant smiling, eating better and just being better with and at everything!
Because sleep coaching is not just about sleep, and helps all the way!
If there is something I wished I did sooner, is this. And I waited and debated for about 10+ months, and only did it when our daughter was 1 y and 7 m old.”
Ema & Mircea

Parents of Anna (19 months old)

“With our second child (then 9 months old), I have accepted that a long night sleep for us could start when he’s 1.5 years old. When I found out about Carmen, I eagerly sent her a message and received detailed information from her.
To avoid disappointment, I prepared myself to the possibility that sleep training might not work for us. Surprisingly, within 2 challenging weeks and after 9 months, we were getting 5 straight hours of night sleep, compared to an average of 2 hours! We even stopped giving the bottle during nighttime (baby would drink milk every 2 hours at least 3x a night), and his appetite improved during day time, evident even within the first 4 day of sleep coaching.
I wish I met Carmen with our first child, proving to myself and others that sleep training does work. You need dedication from all parties, the right guidance and support. We got them all from Carmen, and thank her for changing our lives.“


Mom of Eli (9 months old)

Carmen’s help has been truly life-changing, for every member of our family. Before seeking out help, the sleeping situation for our whole family (with our two young daughters aged 2.5yrs and 5 months) was a complete mess. Our daughters had different schedules (or none at all) and were overtired. As parents, it wasn’t uncommon for us to be getting only 3-4 hours sleep every night. We were absolutely exhausted. I really didn’t think there was a way out of it. Now, I can’t understand why we put up with sleep deprivation for such a long time. Getting Carmen’s help has really been the best thing we have done for our family.
Our daughters are now down to sleep, in their own bed, by 7pm each night. Our eldest sleeps through the night and is a happier, healthier toddler. Our youngest is waking minimal times a night, can settle herself to sleep for naps and bedtime.. all things I thought were unique to everyone else’s babies but mine.
Carmen set up extremely comprehensive and considerate sleep plans for each of our girls to follow. She considered every detail about their personal habits and daily routines and made sensible recommendations. She was very communicative, and most importantly kind, when there were inevitable moments of stress and regression.
It still blows my mind to see where we were three weeks ago, and see where we are now. I will now be recommending Carmen’s help to every parent I know. Thank you, Carmen!

Cara & Simon

Parents of Rosie (5,5 months old) and Marie (2,5 years old)

Baby Sleep Solution

This is more appropiate for babies between 3 and 24 months of age. Based on an in-depth questionnaire, you will receive a personalised sleep plan for your baby, a 45 min. phone consultation and you will benefit from 2 weeks follow-up support with the help of a daily activity log. We will look also at your lifestyle to identify the emotional details which could influence your baby’s sleep.

294 €

More details

The Baby Sleep Solution includes the following items:

  • In depth questionnaire about your baby’s current sleep situation
  • Quiz to establish your baby’s dominant temperament
  • A full sleep assessment and customized sleep plan designed for you and your baby
  • 1 x 45 min. phone consultation to review and ensure you are comfortable with the customized plan and answer any questions you might have
  • 2 week support for monitoring the implementation of the sleep guide based on a daily sleep log
  • 1 email per day with additional questions to be answered in 24h.
  • 1 x 30 min. phone consultations (ex. after 1 week) to clarify any questions regarding the evolution of your baby sleep program
  • A follow-up plan for the next trimester with valuable information to be prepared for and tips how to deal with the main sleep related changes in your baby’s life.

The personalised sleep guide will include detailed information on:

  • Understanding your baby’s sleep rhythms
  • Assessment of home atmosphere and lifestyle with sensitive issues which could impact your baby’s sleep
  • Organising the perfect sleep environment and establishing the proper sleep hygiene
  • Recognising your baby’s tired signs
  • Age appropriate routine and wake times for your baby
  • Settling techniques to help your baby fall asleep
  • Nap expectations and resettling techniques
  • Bedtime ritual and recommended sleeping time
  • Feeding vs. settling overnight
Your benefits

With this Baby Sleep Solution you will benefit from:

  • healthy sleep habits for your baby which are the foundation of good sleep for life
  • a good night sleep for the whole family
  • a rested baby who enjoys his/her sleep at night and naps well during the day
  • a baby girl/boy with a good mood and more cooperative, most of the time
  • a healthy baby because of a stronger immune system
  • quality time with your partner in the evening
  • possibility to plan your day and time for yourself
  • possibility to relax and see life more colourful after a good night sleep
  • better shape and mood for yourself and your partner