In-home Baby Sleep Consult

  • A customised sleep plan for your baby
  • 2 extensive phone calls
  • 4-6 hours of face2face guidance
  • 2 weeks of daily support via email & sleep logs
  • A follow-up sleep plan for the next trimester
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Why Home Consultations?

Have you ever felt so tired and lost when you hear your baby cry in the middle of the night that you wished someone else could come and support you to help your baby sleep better?

Have you ever wished a magic fairy could comfort you in the middle of the night and help you and your baby fall asleep easier?

Here I am now, ready to offer you in-home consultations to guide you & help your little baby fall asleep more independently.

How it works

You set a free discovery call

to find out about the current sleep situation and see what we can do to improve your baby’s sleep.


You fill out a questionnaire

to have a broader picture of your baby’s sleep situation, with its habits, temperament and sleep challenges.

You receive a customised sleep plan

with important information about the settling technique, sleep environment, naps & feeding and age appropriate routine to improve your baby’s sleep.

I come by to guide you

I will come to your home and work with you 1:1 to help you go through the main steps of sleep training your baby.


You receive daily support for implementing the sleep plan

aprox. 2 weeks of support via email, video calls and sleep logs to monitor the optimal implementation of the sleep plan.

Happy Stories

“Life b.C. (before Carmen) : 8-month old baby was falling asleep in our arms, waking up constantly throughout the night, ending up co-sleeping in our bed and breastfeeding until the morning, no proper sleep for baby or for us, serious back pain from endless hours of holding him to sleep, tension in the house and a general dark cloud over us for months on end.

Life a.C (after Carmen): in 2-3 weeks’ time, we now have no night feedings, baby is sleeping through the night (with almost zero exceptions so far) and naps have been improving as well. Now we have our evenings stress-free and we are finally able to sleep, able to work, able to think, able to laugh, able to breathe. We have a routine in place that helps us get proactive in order to always help our little one sleep better and a suitable soothing technique if things go wrong.

This is all thanks to Carmen’s unimaginable support. She fully took into consideration all delicate aspects of our baby’s character and our parenting preferences and she created a specific plan that kept us focused on the goal. She was by our side for two weeks to suggest, advise, explain, find solutions, make necessary changes and keep us confident that things will improve. And they did!

I have to admit that I was often worried that it wouldn’t work but Carmen, almost like a fairy godmother, kept us going steady with her sensible and comforting way and with patience almost everything that she suggested came into place. I am deeply grateful that we went on this difficult but life-changing sleep training journey with Carmen’s helping hand and I believe we wouldn’t have done it so successfully without her.”

Matina & Hasan

Parents of Leon (8 months old)

We came to Carmen when our baby was 15 months old and she helped us enormously. At that point, we were struggling with some serious sleep deprivation: we had to get up every 2-3 hours, and then the night ended for us sometimes before 5am. Carmen first got to know our situation and then provided us with detailed sleep plan, including tips on sleep-friendly environment, nutrition, daytime routine and so on. After following her advice, we noticed improvements almost immediately, and in less than two weeks, the LO slept through the night for the first time. It was much easier than what we expected, but it was Carmen’s support during that time that was invaluable and we really appreciated her personalised approach and constant feedback. She basically hand-held us through the process 🙂 but also left us with enough information to continue with the good habits.
The only regret we have is not getting in touch with her earlier 😅

Weronika & Michael

Parents of Klara (15 months old)

Let me preface this review by saying if you have ever considered sleep training but are on the fence, here is your sign to go ahead and do it! For us, it was one of the best investments we ever made not just for our baby but for us as parents. It led to us being more rested which was essential for us to function optimally to be the best parents for our child as we could be. The most wonderful aspect about our sleep training with Carmen was that we achieved better sleep for the entire family through a gentle sleep training method.

Before sleep training we were barely sleeping 2-3 hours at a piece at night and naps were a nightmare. Our baby fought against sleep and he was crying every time we tried to get him to sleep. The 4 month sleep regression even set us back to our baby waking up every hour at night. We were highly deprived of much needed sleep to say the least, dreaded naps and our baby wasn’t getting the quality sleep he actually required for his development. Sleep training, although a gentle method, was not easy but very well worth it in the end.
Carmen guided us every step of the way optimizing everything for our baby from his daytime to his night routine.

After just one week our baby was already sleeping stretches of 4-5 hours which was amazing for us! Baby now falls asleep without crying and the nightmare of nap fighting has come to an end; our baby actually looks forward to his naps and falls asleep peacefully. At the end of our training together with Carmen, our baby has learned to self-soothe and has more predictable naps and night-time wake ups. We are all now sleeping much better and mom, dad and baby are finally more rested and thus all in all more content :).

We can highly recommend Carmen, it is obvious that this is not just her chosen occupation but more so her passion! She loves to help ex-exhausted parents like ourselves and she does a wonderful job at that!“

Rani & Florian

Parents of Levi (5 months old)

In-home Baby Sleep Consult

This is the best option for families who need personal support at home and face2face guidance in helping their baby sleep better. With this package I will come to your home (within the range of 15 km of Berlin, Germany*) and work with you 1:1 to help you go through the main steps of sleep training your baby.

Option 1

4 hours in the evening, around bedtime, at your home

725 €

Option 2

6 hours in the evening, in your home, starting before bedtime and until midnight

850 €

More details

This In-Home Baby Sleep Consultation includes the following items:

  • In depth questionnaire about your baby’s current sleep situation
  • Quiz to establish your baby’s dominant temperament
  • A full sleep assessment and customized sleep plan designed for you and your baby
  • Handouts with relevant information (ex. settling methods, safe sleep guidelines, baby’s tired signs, age-appropriate routine, nap contingency plan, food for sleep plan etc.)
  • 4h or 6 h in-person consultation to review and ensure you are comfortable with the customised sleep plan and answer any questions you might have
  • Guidance and support on helping your baby fall asleep with the optimal settling technique, during the evening of the home consultation*
  • 2 week support for monitoring the implementation of the sleep guide based on a daily sleep log
  • 1 email per day with additional questions to be answered in 24h.
  • 1 x 30 min. phone consultations (ex. after 1 week) to clarify any questions regarding the evolution of your baby sleep program
  • A follow-up plan for the next trimester with valuable information to be prepared for and tips how to deal with the main sleep related changes in your baby’s life.

    * The first 15 km are included in the package, for each additional km a charge of 0,90 € will be then added to the bill.

      Your benefits

      With this In-home Baby Sleep Consultation you will benefit from:

      • live assessment of your baby’s sleep environment
      • personal support in applying the settling technique corectly
      • emotional support in helping your baby sleep better
      • healthy sleep habits for your baby which are the foundation of good sleep for life
      • a good night sleep for the whole family
      • a rested baby who enjoys his/her sleep at night and naps well during the day
      • a baby girl/boy with a good mood and more cooperative, most of the time
      • a healthy baby because of a stronger immune system
      • quality time with your partner in the evening
      • possibility to plan your day and time for yourself
      • possibility to relax and see life more colourful after a good night sleep
      • better shape and mood for yourself and your partner
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