Baby Sleep Solutions Online Program

An online course you can follow at your own pace to help your baby sleep better.
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Sleep Topics covered in this Program!

Welcome & How I became a baby sleep coach

Understanding Sleep

Optimal Sleep Conditions

Understanding your Baby & Temperament

Baby Nutrition & its Relationship with Sleep

The Science behind Sleep

Understanding Baby Language

Sleep Settling Techniques

Bedtime Rituals

Baby Sleep Regressions

Main Issues which impact Sleep

Sleep Challenges

End Note & Special Offer

This is the magic wand you need to help your baby sleep like a champ!

I wish I had access to such a program before my kids were born.

I wish I had this help to support my children have a good and restorative sleep from the very beginning.

I wish I had this virtual friend guide me on the path of parenthood with good and reasonable advice, explaining to me why some things are so important for baby sleep.

This would have given me so much confidence and joy, sanity and balance as a new mom, to further instill healthy sleep habits to my babies.

Now You have the chance to use all this knowledge and expertise to support you and your baby get the healthy you all deserve.

What you get out of this Online Program

In this online program you will find out about the science behind sleep and why it is important to follow an age-appropriate routine for your baby.

You will get useful information about the best sleep environment and sleep hygiene for your baby to encourage connected sleep and set healthy sleep habits for life.

You will find out all about the main sleep settling techniques and how to choose the best one for your baby.

Food and its impact on sleep will most likely catch your interest since they both go hand in hand.

Sleep regressions will be busted and turned into opportunities to grow for your baby.

And many other sleep challenges you can think of like early morning wakes, separation anxiety, catnapping, travelling, illness, kindergarten, you name it… will become so easy to handle that you will think parenting is not so complicated, after all. 😉

Why this Baby Sleep Solutions Online Program is such a valuable assett
  • holistic approach
  • scientific arguments
  • significant practical experience
  • high rate of success with many parents & babies
  • tailored baby sleep solutions for each age group
  • possibility to follow this course at your own pace.
  • 3 hours of video content
  • 44 lessons (video & audio)
  • 10 PDF handouts to download

So, enjoy every chapter of this online program, following your own rhythm and remember, you’re not alone on this incredible adventure of parenthood.

In addition, you can also benefit from SPECIAL OFFERS to all my sleep coaching services.*

All details in the Baby Sleep Solutions Online Program by Happy Baby Schlaf.

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What other parents experienced…

“Carmen probably saved me from developing postpartum depression, so I am beyond grateful and happy we invested in sleep coaching our son.

Our son had been a horrible sleeper since he was 4 months old. He would nap for 20 – 45 minutes and sleep 50 min – 2 hours a time at night. After about 4 months of being sleep deprived and hoping it would get better with time, I was at my wits end. My husband was very skeptical about sleep coaching so another month went by and I felt like falling apart. My mood worsened with each day and I could not even properly care for my son. So my husband finally agreed to hiring Carmen and his skepticism was soon turned into enthusiasm.

After 4 days of sleep coaching, our son slept for 8 hours straight in the night. I finally feel like myself again and I can enjoy time with my son so much more. We have learned so much from Carmen and we are sure it will help us in the years to come and probably also if we decide to have another baby.

Our only regret is that we did not seek Carmen’s help earlier.”

Alisa & Nico

Parents of Kuno (9 months)

“We reached out to Carmen at a time where our then 14 month old was difficult to put to sleep, woke up multiple times at night and made us dread each night. We had gone through decent and challenging periods but really did not really know what we are doing right and wrong.

After the initial call with Carmen we felt very confident that she will be able to provide us structure, tools, expertise and confidence to improve our boy’s sleep. After providing plenty of information about his history, behavior, attitudes as well as sleep and eating routines, we received a very comprehensive guide that gave us very practical advice and a suggested routine to stick to.

Luckily we weren’t that far off but a few distinct tactics and routines seemed to work wonders: after just a few nights, our boy slept for 12-13 hours straight and does to this day. We had some informative follow up calls and feel equipped and confident to maintain his good sleeping habits, even when on the road traveling near and far.

We would definitely recommend working with Carmen if your family is struggling with sleep: to get an expert outside opinion on what you are doing, to acquire knowledge, strategies and tactics that help your baby’s sleep, and to finally become confident in how to approach each night.”

Marius & Dana

Parents of Bennett (16 months)

“We contacted Carmen mainly to interrupt the sleep+breastfeeding association of our 20-month-old toddler who was used to falling asleep only with his mother and only at the breast, waking up several times a night. Carmen supported and guided us in making the necessary changes to our habits and in teaching us and our little one to trust each other’s abilities. He, a very determined child full of personality, was dictating the rules and we didn’t even realize it! Thanks to Carmen and this program we were able to understand what our mistakes were and how to improve our daily routine, food habits and sleep experience. Now, our toddler sleeps alone in his crib and doesn’t wake up during the night and so we can sleep well too! The program includes details also on the sleep environment, sleep cycles based on the age on the child, food for sleep and as many things you need based on the circumstance (e.g. if you child use the pacifier or if they sleep with you or in a different room…). We soon experienced the results of this program and also saw the consequences of the few mistakes we made some of the nights (for example the early morning wake ups). This is in general the most important intake we took from this whole journey: the coaching is a perfectly functioning tool that works well and as soon you make a change in the routine or something happens that can impact the routine, you will see the consequences! Now we know what to expect if we don’t follow the rules :D! Thanks Carmen for all your support.”

Sabrina & Antonio

Parents of Lucas (20 months)