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Hi, I’m Carmen. I am a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, passionate about the beautiful realm of sleep.

My Story

I was born and raised in a society where being a mother was the most noble and worth sacrificing mission on Earth.
I love children and I have always liked to take care of them even before becoming a mom. I am now raising my two kids, they are my teachers and students at the same time, learning every day something new with them.

At the same time, it was only through motherhood that I realised that we don’t need to sacrifice ourselves and become just moms for the rest of our lives. We can enjoy even the early years of motherhood and have the right mood for taking care of our babies if we could only get a good night sleep.

That is when I embarked myself on the most rewarding journey of baby sleep coaching.

My roots are in the mystic land of Transylvania where fiction and authenticity bend together to form a fascinating landscape with hospitable, friendly and also temperamental people.

Studies and love brought me further away to other beautiful places like Berlin, Germany where my wee daughter was born. I also have a teenager son, born and raised mainly in the charming capital of Romania, Bucharest.

Before my daughter was born I never heard about baby sleep coaching and I really wished I did when my boy was a baby. But I also know this is a new field of activity for many of us which has gained more and more interest in the last decade.

My professional background is in Marketing, where we use to play with words and messages to sell a product or a service. I must admit it is also an interesting, challenging and creative field in constant development. My extensive knowledge and experience in marketing supports me a great deal as a baby sleep consultant.

However, my decision to make this professional switch towards baby sleep coaching has three solid grounds: one was the birth of my baby girl and her sleep issues, of course, the second had to do with my interest in child psychology, but the last reason was my growing need to make a difference and help other people.

In this case, I made it my mission to help babies sleep more autonomously so that the entire family gets the restful night sleep it needs to thrive throughout the day.

I think baby sleep coaching is a very rewarding mission for both mothers and babies as well as for the coach who gives the guidelines and accompanies them on this journey. It is a noble mission as well which gives colour back to life and brings joy and happiness into the family.

Let’s give ourselves a chance to embrace this precious gift of sleep!

My Values & Beliefs

Trust and confidence

I believe we all deserve a chance to prove we are worthy. I think we should give a second chance to everbody who is committed to grow and contribute. I believe trust lies the foundation of any healthy relationship whereas confidence and support help it grow. We should therefore start with our babies, trusting them and showing them the benefit of the doubt that they could learn to sleep through the night.

Open-minded and curious

Despite all programming and patterns from our childhood, it is the open-minded people who have the courage to look in the mirror and trully rediscover themselves. It is only the curious minds who are flexible enough to think out of the box and accept the novelty, the unconventional and feel the joy of innovation. That is why a consider every day a new opportunity to learn, to grow and discover our infinite potential.

Care and honesty

We all have an innate need to help and make a difference in life. Even if sometimes we expect something in return, we should be honest about it and have the courage to say no, if we feel tired or overwhelmed. But as long as we help and support each other, this world is going to be a better place. Strangely enough, sleep can help us function better, think clearer, be more aware and compassionate. I believe sleep could help us become better human beings in the end.

Carmen Liebert - Certified Baby Sleep Consultant Berlin
Child Nutrition Diploma Carmen Liebert | Centre of Excellence
Reflexology Certificate | Carmen Liebert

My Approach

One of the wisest things I learned in life is to have the patience to listen to people, trully listen and do not simultaneously think about yourself and the next clever answer you want to give.

This is very important in the field of baby sleep coaching because I start by learning about the baby and his habits, about his parents and their own goals.

From there on, we usually take the following steps:

First I send an intake form for the parents to fill out to get a broader picture of the whole situation.

Then, on the basis of this information, I make a thorough assessment and draw a detailed & personalised sleep plan for the baby.

We then monitor the proper implementation of the sleep plan based on a daily sleep log for about 2 weeks.

After that, your baby’s sleep should definitely improve if all recommendations are followed and applied consistently.

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