Did you know that there is an International World Sleep Day?

Today it was the World Sleep Day, a day to celebrate SLEEP and bring it into our most utter attention as one of the most important pillars of our health.

Even if there is no 100% consensus why we actually need to sleep, most specialists agree upon the negative impact of sleep deprivation on our health.

Many studies evaluating the effects of sleep deficiency on health indicate that sleep affects our emotional well-being, cognitive function, daytime performance, physical and mental health.

We all know how dysfunctional we could be if we are not able to sleep enough, especially if we are not that young anymore.

However, we undervalue sleep because we take it for granted, as a birth right given to us for FREE!

It is only when we don’t have it or can’t get enough of it that we realize how important sleep is and what a huge impact it has on our health and well-being.
In the midst of other major threats – the covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine – we are experiencing a global epidemic of sleep deprivation living out of sync with nature, a crisis mainly caused by too much technology.

But there is hope, we can still change that, rewind and find a way back to the roots of our basic needs.

“Everything you do, you do better with a good sleep.” Dr. Michael Breus – The Sleep Doctor

Studies have shown that if we get a good night sleep, we benefit from many things:

  • we function better,
  • we grow & develop properly,
  • we have a better mood,
  • our memory improves,
  • our immune system gets stronger thus having the tools to fight any disease, our relationships can flourish,
  • our emotional well-being thrives
  • our appetite for food and the lust for life altogether increase.

In other words, life gets more colourful and its quality boosts with healthy restorative sleep.

So the best thing we can do for our health is to make sleep a priority and reconnect to our natural biorhythm!

Let’s take a few steps together!

To honor this special day dedicated to SLEEP, I prepared a free E-Book for all the tired parents who do their best to help their babies make the first steps towards a healthy restorative sleep and lay a solid foundation for a promising life for their children.

You are worth it!

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