Why celebrate the Mothers?

It is considered the most challenging job in the world, a 24/7 type of job, which does not give you much free time to take care of yourself or to relax.

It is considered a duty and a sacrifice in many cultures around the world and even the holy purpose of life and marriage.

It is said that only when you become a parent yourself, you can truly understand all the duties a parent needs to do, all the sacrifices and hours of work, the amount of worries and sleepless nights and what they have to give up in order to raise their tiny precious offspring.

Moreover, in the current modern times, the extended family is no longer around the corner and only two people (or even one parent in many cases) must take care of a precious little baby on their own, in many parts of the world. And that makes this responsibility even harder.

On top of it, it’s not even remunerated, it does not get a pay status, it’s taken for granted simply because it’s priceless. I think we would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Nevertheless, motherhood does not have to be a sacrifice because we can find many tools nowadays to help us cope with all these challenges of taking care of a baby. And one of these magic tools could be “baby sleep coaching”, an approach which gives you and your child the chance to get a good night sleep, to rest and have the strength to cope with all life’s challenges and be a responsive parent to your child.

And I think that for this reason, it’s totally worth it.

But today is not about baby sleep coaching. It’s not even about sleep. It’s about motherhood and all the mothers in the world who took this responsibility seriously and followed this mission in life.

I think we can never evaluate or be grateful enough to our mothers for all their efforts in raising us. They might not have been perfect, that’s true, but who is perfect? We certainly met for a reason and the most important ones are to grow together, to love and support each other.

Today is about celebrating the profound impact mothers have on their children, on their character, core values and overall development.

Today serves as a reminder of our mothers’ value and selflessness in raising us, in helping us become what and who we are today.

So, don’t be shy in showing gratitude and appreciation to the mothers in your life today, in acknowledging their essential role in the society and in life on this planet.

Try to spend quality time with your mother today and strengthen the unique bound between you two because it means a lot more to them than you think.

Be present, be grateful, celebrate motherhood and create memories which last forever.

And remember, it does not have to be perfect, they’ll love it anyway! wink

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