What have I learned from 2020

2020 has been an incredibly strange year. Many pitfalls and challenges came unexpectedly our way, but we could also count a few tough lessons to take on board.

We could never imagine that an invisible enemy like this virus could actually turn our lives upside down.

I won’t mention the negative side of it, we all know it and we probably don’t want to hear it again and again. But I can’t help myself see also some positive effects of the whole Covid situation.

The good side of 2020

  1. Covid made us slow down our rhythm and take a longer careful look at our family, grandparents and our home
  2. It showed us we are vulnerable and that is actually okay, accept this normal human quality which has nothing to do with our immune system which is a physical quality
  3. Corona gave us more time for ourselves, to look within and try to be comfortable with ourselves despite our fears and anxiety
  4. It gave us the opportunity for self study – with a double meaning, right? wink – to improve or extend our knowledge and expertise in any field of activity
  5. We now have the chance to reinvent ourselves in terms of jobs and be more creative
  6. We started appreciating our health and hygiene more, including the people working in this field (doctors, nurses and other health care-takers)
  7. We noticed other vital fields of activity (disregarded or unacknowledged until now) like the cashier at the supermarket, the couriers, bus drivers, people working in the utility industry like water and energy or the garbage guys
  8. Covid showed us which products are really necessary in life and that is not buying the newest model of car or dress, but rather basic, vital goods like bread, cheese and a bottle of wine 😉
  9. We began to be grateful for the things we have and we stopped running for the next target to achieve
  10. We learned to live more in the present and do not make long term plans anymore
  11. We learned we cannot control anything outside ourselves and that we are not entitled to everything
  12. We started spending more time in nature and practicing more sports outside
  13. We started appreciating a good night sleep and some of us woke up to reality all of a sudden.

2020 was also a good time to make kids 😉 and even have kids since there were not many external temptations to go out, but rather more opportunities to spend quality time with our kids.

In the field of baby sleep coaching 2020 was also a good time to sleep train your kid or set healthy sleep habits for your baby.

I am sure there are more reasons to be grateful for in 2020, you might have your own list.

The point I am trying to make in the end is to try to see also the good side of this milestone year and not expect too much from this transition phase. 2020 will pass and 2021 will come, but let’s face it: it will never be the same as before again, we need to accept and adjust to the new reality!

So, let us welcome 2021 with open arms and enough strength & confidence to face any new challenges, including sleep training your baby ;).

Morover, remember to “always look at the bright side of life”, la, la, la…♪♫♬

It’s worth considering also that now, maybe more than ever, a healthy restorative sleep helps us and our babies have a stronger immune system to be able to fight any virus!

If you need more support getting better sleep for your baby or toddler, I am happy to help.