Baby Sleep & Heat |


We already know that in order to sleep well, we need a cool & dark sleeping room.

But what if we can’t get the optimal temperature (max. 20°C) during the hot summer days?

Hot tips for baby sleep

  1. Stick some tin foil on the windows (wipe them with a wet cloth before) during the day too, to reject solar heat and keep the room dark and cool
  2. Use a fan in the sleeping room (it has a white noise effect as well), at least during the first part of the night (and switch it off when you go to bed)
  3. Undress your baby so that he/she sleeps with just a diaper and a very light sleeping bag
  4. Bathe your baby every other evening as part of the bedtime ritual (it helps to drop its body temperature and fall asleep easier)
  5. Give your baby more water during the day & night.

Remember also not to avoid the sun completely and expose your baby to natural light approximate half an hour every morning! This will support him absorb vitamin D, which then helps their body issue serotonin – the happy hormone smile which then transforms itself into melatonin – the sleep hormone cool in the evening, in a dark & cool sleeping room.

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