Ich danke Ihnen allen, dass Sie mir die Gelegenheit gegeben haben, Sie und Ihr Baby auf dieser schönen Schlafreise zu begleiten.

Erzählen Sie mir Ihre Erfahrungen hier


Mom of Helena (4,5 months old)


„My baby Helena was having a lot of trouble sleeping her naps, it was a real mess! She was doing around 6 or 7 cat naps per day, only on top of me. Night sleep, I though, was fine, although my baby was absolutely depending on being fed or rocked to sleep. Until I met Carmen! With her help, we manage to bring some order to our lives and improved my little one’s sleep. Helena now has 3 perfect naps during the day and sleeps through the night, waking up only one time to eat most of the times. We still have a bit or road ahead of us, is a tough one my little one, but the progress we did in a month with Carmen’s help is unbelievable! I went from having a continuously overtired baby to a happy angel 24/7. Carmen was always eager to help, willing to adjust her plan on the go based on our needs. Always nice, helpful and respectful! Thank you Carmen!“

Raluca & Mihai

Parents of Gregor (15 months old)


„We looked for Carmen’s help when our 15 months old son started to wake up very early. He was, in general, a bad sleeper, waking up more times per night. We really wished that our son would finally sleep through the night in his cot. Taking into consideration the fact that our son has eczema and scratching was important to be avoided, Carmen came up with a more gentle and slow method, in order to fulfil our needs. The tips and information given by Carmen regarding the sleep environment, regular schedule and the dietary intake were very helpful and soon we already noticed some improvements in our son’s sleep. During this process, Carmen guided us with a lot of patience, empathy, and encouragement and in a few weeks the sleep program fulfilled our expectations and our goal was reached.
We warmly recommend her for anyone who wants to get their normal sleeping pattern back. „


Mom of Eli (9 months old)


„With our second child (then 9 months old), I have accepted that a long night sleep for us could start when he’s 1.5 years old. When I found out about Carmen, I eagerly sent her a message and received detailed information from her.
To avoid disappointment, I prepared myself to the possibility that sleep training might not work for us. Surprisingly, within 2 challenging weeks and after 9 months, we were getting 5 straight hours of night sleep, compared to an average of 2 hours! We even stopped giving the bottle during nighttime (baby would drink milk every 2 hours at least 3x a night), and his appetite improved during day time, evident even within the first 4 day of sleep coaching.
I wish I met Carmen with our first child, proving to myself and others that sleep training does work. You need dedication from all parties, the right guidance and support. We got them all from Carmen, and thank her for changing our lives. „


Mutter von Sophie-Charlotte (6 Monate alt)


„Das Schlaf-Coaching mit Carmen war ein voller Erfolg: Unsere Kleine hatte in ihren ersten Lebensmonaten Schwierigkeiten, tagsüber selbstständig einzuschlafen und war häufig übermüdet. Carmen hat uns von Anfang an durch ihre positive Art Mut gemacht, so dass wir schnell Erfolge feiern konnten. Alleine durch ihre kompetenten Tipps zur Schlafumgebung, dem optimierten Tagesablauf sowie Hinweisen zu Einschlafmethoden konnten wir das Schlafverhalten unserer Tochter innerhalb kürzester Zeit verbessern. Während des gesamten Zeitraums war Carmen immer ansprechbar und hat sich umgehend gemeldet. Ich kann das Schaf-Coaching absolut emfehlen – es hat viel Spaß gemacht!“

Adela & Cosmin

Parents of Stefan (3,5 years old)


„To begin with, at first we did not want to admit that we have a problem. We began to work with Carmen when Victor started waking up more than 3 times/night, even if one of the parents was next to him. Besides this, our son was not able to fall asleep by his own, needing lots of assistance from us and waking up almost immediately after we would leave the room. Our son sleeps in the same room with his 14 months old sister, which complicates things even more. Before sleep training, bed times were stressful and time consuming for us, the parents, and our son was not getting proper rest, which resulted in tantrums, low appetite and difficulty to follow daily routines.
Carmen was extremely supportive and knowledgeable and after 6 days Victor sleeps completely throughout the night from 7:30pm until 6:30am and he goes to sleep independently within 10 to 15 minutes. It has completely changed our lives. Before sleep training, bedtime was an extremely stressful time for our family. Now Victor is a much happier kid because he is getting the right amount of sleep he needs and my husband and I have our evenings back to ourselves.
We strongly recommend Carmen to anyone who is experiencing sleep issues with their children and we will definitely use her sleep training program again when necessary.“


Mom of Jena (6 months old)


„I am so thankful for the support and sleep guide provided by Carmen. The training method, feeding time, sleeping environment were all explained in detail via email before we begin the training. After 2 weeks of hard work and many emails with comments and advise, Jena is finally showing some progress. From feeding to sleep and waking every 2-3 hours at night, she is now falling asleep on her own and wakes 1-2 times at night. The initial Pu/pd method was taking longer to train Jena, Carmen suggested Pu/pd ss and that’s when it started to work. However, it would be nice for Carmen to incorporate flexibility to the routine in the earlier stage of training knowing that a housewife does have other duties and some has more than 1 child to care for. And a little more empathy would make a huge difference. „

Corina & Stefan

Parents of Toma (14 months old)


„We decided to do something about Toma’s sleep when we just could not take it anymore. Toma was getting up 3-4 and even 5 times in the middle of the night and the only way we knew ho to settle him was breastfeeding him back to sleep.
That involved a lot of time spent in a half awake state for Toma and Toma’s mom for most of the night. That translated in a state of continuous breastfeeding during the night, which turned Toma’s mom in a human pacifier.
In this context we decided to get help from someone with experience and some know how in this area. We started to talk to Carmen to get some guidance. She explained us thoroughly what we have to do and helped us with materials to read so we can understand better why we are doing what she was advising us to do.
We also started a sleep log that lasted for two weeks with detailed description of Toma’s day: sleep and eat. For every entry we created in the log she had something constructive to say that would guide our steps.
At the end of the two weeks we were where we desired to be and our collaboration ended.
We are grateful for the help we got and we are happy to recommend her services to our friends.
We thank her again for the patience and dedication she showed.“

Jochen & Flavia

Eltern von Amalia (2 Jahre alt)


„Dank Carmen schlafen wir alle wieder durch – unsere Tochter und wir! Für jedes Kindesalter und jedes Schlafproblem hat sie eine Lösung parat – wirklich toll!

Bei unserer Tochter Amalia war es so, dass sie kurz vor ihrem zweiten Geburtstag plötzlich nicht mehr alleine einschlafen wollte. Sie schrie sehr laut, sobald wir ihr Zimmer verließen. Wir mussten sehr lange am Bett sitzen bleiben. Nachts wurde sie dann auch oft wieder wach und verlangte das Gleiche. Ständig wurde unser Schlaf unterbrochen.

Carmen erklärte uns ausführlich verschiedene Methoden, die wir anwenden könnten, und gab klare Empfehlungen. Sie half intensiv dabei, den eingeschlagenen Weg konsequent weiterzugehen, auch wenn es uns anfangs schwerfiel. Schon nach wenigen Tagen konnten wir so das Ziel erreichen. Amalia schlief friedlich alleine ein und in der Nacht auch durch.

Somit können wir Carmens Coaching wirklich jedem empfehlen!“

Ema & Mircea

Parents of Anna (19 months old)


„I was a non believer, and I was so wrong!

Carmen helped us in ways I didn’t even think were possible or an option for us.
The changes are visible almost straight away, the techniques are gentle and catering for the baby’s needs.
Our daughter was a cryer, middle of the night screaming and staying awake for hours, with no one getting sleep. We assume no one on our street sleept for months 😂!
But this changed as soon as we stepped into a better and suited routine for her and for us. Our toddler became herself again : resting, constant smiling, eating better and just being better with and at everything!
Because sleep coaching is not just about sleep, and helps all the way!
If there is something I wished I did sooner, is this. And I waited and debated for about 10+ months, and only did it when our daughter was 1 y and 7 m old.“

Rashmi & Anshuman

Parents of Ella (17 months old)


To begin with, we sleep trained Ella when she was 6 months old, and she was a good sleeper until she started going to the Kindergarten. She was waking up 3-4 times in the night and will only sleep with her father (no one else). This went on for 2 months, that is when I found Carmen.
Carmen has been, very supportive and helpful. She offered the guidance and reassurance we required. I highly recommend her to my friends, and we will use her guidance again if it needs be.
Carmen is a good listener and takes the time to answer your questions, concerns and run through your report. The best part was she advised us on Ella’s feed as well. We loved how responsive and reliable.
We cannot thank her enough for everything and we could not do it without your help

Cara & Simon

Parents of Rosa (5,5 months old) & Maria (2,5 years old)


Carmen’s help has been truly life-changing, for every member of our family. Before seeking out help, the sleeping situation for our whole family (with our two young daughters aged 2.5yrs and 5 months) was a complete mess. Our daughters had different schedules (or none at all) and were overtired. As parents, it wasn’t uncommon for us to be getting only 3-4 hours sleep every night. We were absolutely exhausted. I really didn’t think there was a way out of it. Now, I can’t understand why we put up with sleep deprivation for such a long time. Getting Carmen’s help has really been the best thing we have done for our family.
Our daughters are now down to sleep, in their own bed, by 7pm each night. Our eldest sleeps through the night and is a happier, healthier toddler. Our youngest is waking minimal times a night, can settle herself to sleep for naps and bedtime.. all things I thought were unique to everyone else’s babies but mine.
Carmen set up extremely comprehensive and considerate sleep plans for each of our girls to follow. She considered every detail about their personal habits and daily routines and made sensible recommendations. She was very communicative, and most importantly kind, when there were inevitable moments of stress and regression.
It still blows my mind to see where we were three weeks ago, and see where we are now. I will now be recommending Carmen’s help to every parent I know. Thank you, Carmen!

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