Prenatal Sleep Solution

Prepare the best sleep stage for your baby!
  • Multilingual Sleep Coaching (English, German & Romanian)
  • A detailed sleep plan to prepare yourself and your baby to come
  • 1 video call
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Why prenatal sleep coaching?

You are pregnant and have difficulties sleeping

You are terribly sleep deprived for months

You have read some books & blogs about baby sleep coaching, but you don't know how to start

You need support from someone you trust and could help you prepare the best sleep conditions for your baby

You are very emotional, happy and scared at the same time, about the big change in your life

You don't know how much sleep a newborn might need

You don't have somebody to rely on (apart from your partner) when baby comes

You are fully aware how important sleep is for your baby and for the entire family

How it works

We organise a free discovery call

to find out more about your main concerns around baby sleep.


You fill out a questionnaire

in order to have a realistic picture of your current situation, mainly in connection to sleep

You receive a detailed sleep plan

with important information about the optimal sleep environment, sleep hygiene, newborn naps and feeding rhythms, the recommended settling technique for a newborn baby and the realistic expectations in terms of sleep during this first phase


You receive a 30 min. support call

An important discussion to clarify all questions about the sleep plan and how to have a good start and build a solid healthy foundation around sleep for you and your precious baby to come

Happy Stories

“I was a non believer, and I was so wrong!

Carmen helped us in ways I didn’t even think were possible or an option for us. The changes are visible almost straight away, the techniques are gentle and catering for the baby’s needs. Our daughter was a cryer, middle of the night screaming and staying awake for hours, with no one getting sleep. We assume no one on our street sleept for months 😂!
But this changed as soon as we stepped into a better and suited routine for her and for us. Our toddler became herself again : resting, constant smiling, eating better and just being better with and at everything! Because sleep coaching is not just about sleep, and helps all the way! If there is something I wished I did sooner, is this. And I waited and debated for about 10+ months, and only did it when our daughter was 1 y and 7 m old.”
Ema & Mircea

Parents of Anna (19 months old)

“My baby Helena was having a lot of trouble sleeping her naps, it was a real mess! She was doing around 6 or 7 cat naps per day, only on top of me. Night sleep, I though, was fine, although my baby was absolutely depending on being fed or rocked to sleep. Until I met Carmen! With her help, we manage to bring some order to our lives and improved my little one’s sleep. Helena now has 3 perfect naps during the day and sleeps through the night, waking up only one time to eat most of the times. We still have a bit or road ahead of us, is a tough one my little one, but the progress we did in a month with Carmen’s help is unbelievable! I went from having a continuously overtired baby to a happy angel 24/7. Carmen was always eager to help, willing to adjust her plan on the go based on our needs. Always nice, helpful and respectful! Thank you Carmen!”


Mom of Helena (4,5 months old)

“To begin with, at first we did not want to admit that we have a problem. We began to work with Carmen when Victor started waking up more than 3 times/night, even if one of the parents was next to him. Besides this, our son was not able to fall asleep by his own, needing lots of assistance from us and waking up almost immediately after we would leave the room. Our son sleeps in the same room with his 14 months old sister, which complicates things even more. Before sleep training, bed times were stressful and time consuming for us, the parents, and our son was not getting proper rest, which resulted in tantrums, low appetite and difficulty to follow daily routines. Carmen was extremely supportive and knowledgeable and after 6 days Victor sleeps completely throughout the night from 7:30pm until 6:30am and he goes to sleep independently within 10 to 15 minutes. It has completely changed our lives. Before sleep training, bedtime was an extremely stressful time for our family. Now Victor is a much happier kid because he is getting the right amount of sleep he needs and my husband and I have our evenings back to ourselves.
We strongly recommend Carmen to anyone who is experiencing sleep issues with their children and we will definitely use her sleep training program again when necessary.”

Adela & Cosmin

Parents of Victor (3,5 years old)

Prenatal Sleep Solution

If you are about to become a mom and would like to prepare the best sleep conditions for your baby to welcome him or her into this world, this is a very practical package with lots of useful information to help your baby develop healthy sleep habits.

175 €

More details

The Prenatal Sleep Solution Package includes the following support:

  • a detailed plan to prepare the ideal sleep enviroment for your baby, before he or she is born. It has a holistic approach which looks beyond the physical obvious measures and makes you challenge your lifestyle, inner child and perspective.
  • a 30 min. conversation for potential questions and answers

The detailed sleep guide will include detailed information on:

  • Understanding your baby’s sleep rhythms
  • Assessment of home atmosphere and lifestyle with sensitive issues which could impact your baby’s sleep
  • Organising the perfect sleep environment and establishing the proper sleep hygiene
  • Safety measures around baby sleep
  • Recognising your newborn baby’s tired signs
  • Flexible routine and wake times for a newborn baby
  • Settling technique to help your newborn baby fall asleep
  • Nap expectations and resettling technique
  • Bedtime ritual and recommended sleeping time
  • Feeding vs. settling overnight